Buy pure quality AL-LAD 10 mg powder online in UK


Buy pure quality AL-LAD 10 mg powder online in UK. AL–LAD, buy AL–LAD online in UK.

Buy high quality AL-LAD blood at low prices online in UK. 6-allyl-6-nor-LSD is a psychedelic lysergamide, also known as AL-LAD (lysergic acid diethylamide). 150 mcg AL-LAD suction.

The product price is $10 for absorption.

The minimum order quantity is 15 blotters.


Buy pure quality AL-LAD 10 mg powder online.

Buy AL-LAD 150 mg blocker.
Buy AL-LAD 150mg Blotters were first synthesized and produced by a Japanese research group in the 1970s
popular with Alexander Shulgin in his book TiHKAL. Since 2013 when AL-LAD was first released on RC
market, it has gained immense popularity and is advertised as one of the biggest.
What is AL-LAD 150 mg blotter.
AL-LAD Blotter 150 mcg 6-allyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide) acts as a strong agonist for 5-HT2A
The dan receptors are said to be active between 80 and 160 micrograms. Please note that our AL-LAD Blotter
150 g was coated with a thin layer (1.5 mg/blotter) of 2-hydroxypropyl-B-cyclodextrin (cyclodextrin).
provides additional protection from oxygen.

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